Here is a story I'm working on. It 's not done yet, but here is what I have so far:

The True Story of the Beauty and the Beast By: Zach

Zach: Everybody thinks that the beauty and the beast live all happy ever after and all that junk. Well that's not true. I just happened to be head of the SWAT team that went in there to get this so called beast. Well, here it goes...

I was at my desk finishing a mission report when the phone rang. I picked it up and said


"yes," said the voice on the other end,"There is some kind of monster in that old creepy castle,"

"Yeah, it doesn't surprise me," I said

"No time for joking around, get up here now!," he said

"Right me and my team will be up in a sec.," I said as I put down the phone and picked up the radio "All units from B squad report to the briefing room," then I got up and went down to the briefing room. I really don't like going down there because it smells life sulfur, which worries me sometimes. I slowly walked to the briefing room. I knew I got there when I smelled that fresmellair smell. I opened the door men ( it was clear that they were annoyed to have to come down here).

"Right men, their has been notice from HQ of a monster in that old creepy castle," I said.

" It doesn't surprise me," said one of the men.

" I said the same thing," I said. Then I smelled it, the sulfur. But it smelled allot stronger than usual. Then I heard laughing. Then I could see only black. I heard a loud distorted sound. It felt like 10 seconds when I woke up. Ling on the floor but something was different. Instead of the white stone as the roof it was a blur of light blue and white.