There once was a man who was about to make the funniest joke ever. And for a consequence he died laughing. The police took interest in the joke.
The next day a policeman went in to remove the joke. He stepped inside. In a couple of seconds he burst out laughing and fell to the ground…dead.
The army toke interest in the joke and used it as a weapon. They found out it had a range of 52 ½ meters. They tested the joke 52 ½ meters away from a person. When they showed the joke to the person gazed at it for a second then giggled a little bit then he fell to the ground dead.
They tried to translate the joke into German. The first two translators read the first two words of the joke and spent several months in the hospital. It was first put into action 1944, Sep. 22nd.In 1945 the Germans made joke of their own. It was first broadcasted in 1946. The joke was not funny at all and the British did not die laughing. Joke warfare was banned by the Geneva Convention in 1949. Now it lay here in the middle of London.
(from Monty Python)