Thursday I went to Philadelphia. First we went to the hotel in Maryland. The lobby was huge! It was about five stories tall. Well then we went to our room. It was on the 2nd floor. We had a nice view (of the lobby). After we got settled we had dinner. I had a cheese burger. Alex, my brother, had a cheese steak. After that we went to the pool. The deep end of the pool was about five feet deep. They also had a hot tub. When I got in the hot tub it was really hot. When we came out of the pool I took a shower. After that we went to bed. When I woke up I had lucky charms for breakfast (because I felt lucky to be out of school). Then we left to Philadelphia.

It took about three hours to get there. But lucky for me I have angry birds on my iPod. When we got to Philly we had to cross a bridge. I could see the silhouettes of the tall buildings. I saw the tallest building I have ever seen in person. It was the Comcast center. It was at least 100 stories tall! Then we went to the Franklin Institute parking garage. After that we went around looking for the Educon2.3 place. The Educon2.3 is a place were teachers go to present stuff and meet other teachers. So ,obviously, my Mom is one of the teachers. For some reason Educon2.3 is a big deal for teachers. Don't ask me why, I'm not the teacher, Mom is. It took about 30 to 45 min. to find it. We had to ask some locals were it was. So when we got there we went inside and went up stairs. Since it was freezing out side and snowing I had a nice cup of hot coca. Then we (as in everyone but Mom) went back to the museum. Then we had to wait in line for imax tickets. buy the time mom got back we had the imax tickets. Then we went to see the imax movie. I don't remember what the movie was called but I'm pretty sure that it had to do with something about flight. It was about a new plane that they were building. My dad felt guilty because I had never seen an imax movie. When I came out of the imax I felt dizzy. It made me think I was going to fall out of my seat. After the iMax we looked around the rest of the museum. Then we went on the sky bike. The sky bike is a bike that goes on a strong steel cable. The way the bike stays on the cable is that there is a weight at the bottom that keeps it on. It was really scary when went on the bike. Then we had lunch. Again I had a cheese burger Alex, my brother, had a cheese steak. After that we went to our hotel room and checked in. We had a room on the top floor. The next day when I woke up I had a terrible stomach ache. My mom said it shouldn't last more than 24 hours. Well, my mom was right. The pain died down around 11:00. The next day, well, I really don't remember what happened next day well my adventture is over. THE END.(now go away!)